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Find Best Online Shopping Recommendations at NoLimit Indonesia

Selasa, 23 Februari 2021 - 06:12
Find Best Online Shopping Recommendations at NoLimit Indonesia Shopee. (Photo: Dok. Shopee)

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTANoLimit Indonesia, is a technology company focusing on Online Media Monitoring and Big Data Solution. This app could be used to get the best recommendations for your online shopping.

This company has been established since 2010. As an Online Media Technology Partner, they also keep their products improved and developed by adapting what customers need through Online Media Technology Partner.


Chief Executive Officer NoLimit Indonesia, Aqsath Rasyid explained that during this pandemic public has chosen to go online shopping rather the offline one. And this is where NoLimit Indonesia take a part.

NoLimit will try to give you the best references on which online shopping app gets the most reviews form the customers. "The data we have showed that most of the customers choose to get their cosmetics online rather than offline," Aqsath said.

Aqsath also reveals some online shopping apps that has become a popular topic by the customers recently. Those are, Shopee, Tokopedia, and Sociolla. Each of the app has hooked the people with their on way.


Shopee sits ont he first place with 11,726 topic discussing about it. Meanwhile Tokopedia sits on the second position with 769 topics, and Sociolla with 572 topics.

Meanwhile for offline shop, there are Sociolla with 761 topics, Watson with 303 topics and Guardian worth 284 topics.

About the cosmetics, those popular brand which becomes the popular search by the customers are Avoskin with 24,129 topics. Somethinc has also become a topic with 15,595 points. Lacoco with 13,114 topics, Elsheskin 9,662 topics and The bath Box with 1,739 topics.


All those data were collected by NoLimit Indonesia during January 1-31 2021. The research includes the cosmetic products to the shopping activity. (*)

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